[Support-mirrors] Distributed Mirroring ;)

Dennis Oelkers dennis at lauschmusik.de
Wed Nov 2 11:33:59 EST 2005

Austin Ziegler wrote:

>FTP has a low overhead; rsync has a high overhead (in terms of CPU).
>Some of us, however, don't have an option for rsync on the pipe we're
>using. (When my current contract term for halostatue.info is up -- 24
>months to go, I think -- I'll look at upgrading to something I could
>use with rsync; as it is now, it's WAY too cheap to upgrade now.)
>I'd prefer rsync or even zsync (where the CPU load is placed mostly on
>the client), but that's just not an option for this host.
I strongly suggest using rsync, because it's just made for jobs like 
this, but it should not be a problem to
support both ftp- and rsync-mirrors from my side.

I will not be able to set this up today though, but I will start tomorrow.

Kind regards,
    Dennis Oelkers

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