[Support-mirrors] Gem mirror

James Britt james.britt at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 10:02:06 EST 2005

Tom Copeland wrote:

 > Cool, OK, hm, let me see... hm.  Could you move them in a "/gems/"
 > directory, perhaps?  That'll make my redirecting easier on this end...
 > my Apache-fu is weak...

I'm waiting to get the 30secondrule.com domain moved to a new server, so 
I don't have the URL ready.

What is the preferred format for the URL?  Just something that ends in 
'/gems/'?  SUuh as:


What happens if a user goes to install a gem, gets a redirection to a
mirror, and the mirror is down?

What should my cron task look like to fetch the gems and index?  (I 
think I can find this info by digging through past E-mail, but I sort of 
hoping we can start assembling a FAQ on this, so having all this info in 
one response in the archives might be a start on that. Make it easier 
for others to start mirroring)

Do people/companies offering up mirrors get some public acknowledgment 
on the rubyforge.org home page( e.g. 'Gem hosting mirrors provided by ...')?

Anything else a mirror site needs to know or do?



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