[Support-admins] help with access to a defunct project, cardinal

David david at hackbinary.com
Sun Feb 6 09:00:47 EST 2011

Good afternoon,

I am working on the Parrot port of ruby, Cardinal, and I was hoping to get
access to the 'cardinal' rubyforge group so that I can update the
information on the project.

(I have received access to 'cardinal2' project and updated it accordingly.)

I tried posting a ticket to the rubyforge support project, and sending an
email to Tom directly, but I haven't received a response as of yet.

Cardinal has been absorbed into the Parrot project as a toplevel sub
project, so the work is being hosted from https://github.com/parrot/cardinal

It would be nice if rubyforge could do git and/or mercurial repositories.

Anything you can do to help out, would be great.

Many thanks,


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