[Support-admins] Making a mirroring change

Tom Copeland tom at infoether.com
Mon Nov 27 14:15:33 EST 2006

Hi Dennis and all -

Hey, I'm going to make a file mirroring change on the rubyforge end.
Here's the way it works now:

- every 20 minutes a script checks the /var/www/gforge-files directory
to see if there are any new files
- if there are, it uses cp -u to copy the file into a parallel directory
tree at /usr/local/mirror/ 
- then it hits the /sync URL, the files get sync'd out, etc

Here's what I want to change it to:

- every 20 minutes the script will do a du -sk on /var/www/gforge-files
and compare it to a cached version in a file
- if the result changes, hit the sync script

So I need to rewrite my script and point the "file-mirror" rsync to
/var/www/gforge-files vs /usr/local/mirror.

This will save about of 5 GB disk space on rubyforge, and more
importantly it will reduce disk I/O as I'll need to do less scanning.
It'll also fix this bug:


I don't think you'll see any changes on your end, so just kind of wanted
to let you and anyone else on this list know what was going on.
Comments/questions welcome,



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