[Support-admins] FW: ** PROBLEM alert - rubyforge.org/SMTP is CRITICAL **

Tom Copeland tom at infoether.com
Mon Dec 11 12:10:21 EST 2006

Hi all -

RubyForge is currently "under attack" in some sense; we're getting tons
of SMTP connections, presumably from spammers.  I've got Postfix capped
at 100 processes, and all those are being used up by connections from
random IP addresses.  The emails themselves are getting caught by our
HELO checks and greylisting, but it's still using up all the processes.

I could bump Postfix up to 200 processes, but I think they'll just get
filled up too.  Any ideas?



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From: nagios at infoether.com [mailto:nagios at infoether.com] 
Sent: Monday, December 11, 2006 11:53 AM
To: tom at infoether.com
Subject: ** PROBLEM alert - rubyforge.org/SMTP is CRITICAL **

***** Nagios  *****

Notification Type: PROBLEM

Service: SMTP
Host: rubyforge.org

Date/Time: Mon Dec 11 10:53:13 CST 2006

Additional Info:

CRITICAL - Socket timeout after 10 seconds

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