[sup-talk] sent mail labeling

Amadeusz Żołnowski aidecoe at aidecoe.name
Tue Sep 7 05:53:01 EDT 2010


How sent messages are handled?  What I've observed is that only threads
I've started are labeled as 'sent' and not separate messages I've sent
as a reply to someone's e-mail.

I've also noticed some strange behaviour.  Sup labels some messages that
I haven't sent/replied in any way as 'sent'.  An example is thread on
sup-talk list: "[sup-talk] Arch Linux sup now failing.", which Sup
labeled as 'sent'.  Should I report it?  What should I include?  I'm
using common maildir for outbox and inbox (does that matter?) and don't
mangle with any other programs than Fetchmail and Sup.

As a workaround would be nice to have possibility to add/remove 'sent'
label manually.  Is it already possible?  Does it make sense to request
this feature?

Amadeusz Żołnowski
aka aidecoe
PGP key: C284750D / encrypt&sign, please
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