[sup-talk] IMAP, labels, editors

Lurkos lurkos.usenet at gmail.com
Sun Nov 28 09:05:32 EST 2010

On Sun, Nov 28, 2010 at 10:21 AM, Damien Leone <damien.leone at fensalir.fr> wrote:
>> This seems really interesting... and possibly a indication that the
>> IMAP support would not be dropped.
> What I meant exactly is that with this branch sup modifies your
> Maildir sources, and by using offlineimap you can reflect them to the
> remote IMAP server.

Thanks for explaining.
Yesterday I spent a couple of hours to search for more details about
*sup*, *notmuch* and *offlineimap*.
What I still have not completely understood is how *sup* is going to
store label information inside Maildir sources.
According to this message
IMAP tags would not be perfect (even if probably the best solution in
my opinion).
Another problem is that is not completely clear if *offlineimap* would
sync also these "special" tags.

> AFAIK sup will not reintegrate IMAP support, I
> think the main reason is because of the poor and slow IMAP support in
> the ruby libraries.

If ruby libraries don't support some feature that you need, it would
be reasonable to drop IMAP support.
However if the only problem is the speed, I would keep it, at least for now.

> Indeed you have to download all your e-mails but since I use sup only
> on one machine this is not very annoying plus it allows me to backup
> my e-mails and access them *offline*.

Therefore the only possible solution seems to have a personal server
running 24/7 and using *sup* via *ssh*.



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