[sup-talk] [PATCH] Add 'a' and 'd' keybindings to thread-view-mode to archive/delete current thread

William Morgan wmorgan-sup at masanjin.net
Thu Sep 3 14:06:55 EDT 2009

Reformatted excerpts from Carl Worth's message of 2009-08-26:
> These behave identically to the existing ",a" and ",d" commands, (that
> is they archive or delete the current thread and then view the next).

Sorry it's taken me so long to look at this. Thanks for the patch!

I'm curious what other people think about this. On the one hand, it's
only additional keybindings, so it's not going to adversely affect
anyone. On the other hand, there is a nice balance with the ".", ","
and "]" commands which this disrupts, and it can't be extended to the
other commands from thread-index-mode. And on the third hand, I'm happy
to have keybinding hooks.

I guess if most people primarily closes their thread-view-modes using
",a" and ",d", then I'm fine with this.
William <wmorgan-sup at masanjin.net>

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