[sup-talk] Patch for using default colors

William Morgan wmorgan-sup at masanjin.net
Mon Mar 23 11:12:55 EDT 2009

Reformatted excerpts from Mark Alexander's message of 2009-03-21:
> I noticed that sup wasn't using my terminal's default colors when
> displaying the text of a message.  Instead of the expected black on
> light-yellow (my defaults), it was using white on black.

Thanks for the patch. I've started a topic branch called default-colors.
Currently using this patch makes Sup look crazy for me, so I haven't
merged it into next.

I think the problem is the Sup is setting the background color to be
black. Parts of the screen have the "ncurses default" and parts of it
have black. I do think it's a step in the right direction though.

> I also see a message in the mailing list archives from Jan 29 titled
> "When using 'default' in colors.yaml or colormap.rb, sup throws an
> exception" that seems to describe the same problem.

This is a different problem, having to do with Sup's notion of a default
color. From what I recall it was a YAML issue or something.
William <wmorgan-sup at masanjin.net>

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