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Ben Walton bwalton at artsci.utoronto.ca
Thu Aug 27 19:39:20 EDT 2009

Excerpts from Adeodato Simó's message of Thu Aug 27 16:00:53 -0400 2009:
> > I'd advise against having anything else write to the same mbox
> > (eg: don't have new mail delivered to the same source) if you go with
> > an mbox URI.
> Why? Would sup not lock the mbox properly?

No, it wouldn't.  I've got a half-baked LockManager branch sitting
around, but I haven't touched it for some time now.  I don't use any
mbox here myself so it's not a personal itch.

As it stands, the LockManager code has the basic ability to do
locking using three lock types.  I haven't worked out the nicest way
to stack them (ala dovecot) though in a way that will play nicely with
threads _and_ allow for non-block-wrapped calling.


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