[sup-talk] In next: thread-view-mode labelling No method join for Set

Wirt Wolff wirtwolff at gmail.com
Wed Aug 19 16:41:54 EDT 2009

Lots of great improvements in next. Love the utf8.

When I try to 'l'abel in thread view mode, however, sup crashes with

--- NoMethodError from thread: main
undefined method `join' for #<Set: {:list, :xm}>
./lib/sup/buffer.rb:506:in `ask_for_labels'
./lib/sup/util.rb:520:in `send'
./lib/sup/util.rb:520:in `method_missing'
./lib/sup/modes/thread-view-mode.rb:253:in `edit_labels'
./lib/sup/mode.rb:50:in `send'
./lib/sup/mode.rb:50:in `handle_input'
./lib/sup/buffer.rb:260:in `handle_input'


Most recent commit is
    Merge branch 'various-api-refactors' into next
commit 3de96fb9b308afe600c7ccfcee75913f039ef4f6

run with % ruby -Ilib bin/sup


Advice how to fix?



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