[sup-talk] migrating email to a new computer

Daniel Wagner daniel at wagner-home.com
Wed Nov 19 17:50:39 EST 2008

Hey all, I've got a quick question about how sup handles Maildir.  I'm
going to be migrating to a new machine soon, and I've got a couple of
questions about it.

1. My mail is spread out in hundreds of Maildir directories, most of
   them "legacy" directories that I want to merge as I migrate.  Can I
   do this by just copying the mail files from the various "new" and
   "cur" directories to a central "cur" directory?  I know that Maildir
   uses unique names, so this shouldn't clobber any messages, but I
   haven't seen any information on whether this could cause other kinds
   of problems.
2. A more sup-related question: what things do I need to copy to migrate
   my labels, read/archived/starred status information, etc?  I
   definitely want to maintain as much of my mail's metadata as I can.
   I guess this probably interacts with the previous question, too; in
   the end, I would much prefer to keep my metadata than to merge
   Maildir directories if they are mutually exclusive.
3. I'm assuming I won't lose anything if I update sup.

I think this topic deserves a wiki page, so I'll write up a summary of
any advice I get as well as how my experience goes for future posterity.


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