[sup-talk] Ctrl-C causes crash

Steve Goldman sgoldman at tower-research.com
Wed Nov 19 15:52:17 EST 2008

This isn't as dumb of a question as it sounds.  Sometimes I'm in a sup
buffer but mistakenly think I'm in emacs.  Then I type Ctrl-X/Ctrl-C
and sup crashes.  This is not cool.  Here is the exception log:

--- Interrupt from thread: main

/apps/home/sgoldman/sup-src/mainline/lib/sup/buffer.rb:31:in `select'
/apps/home/sgoldman/sup-src/mainline/lib/sup/buffer.rb:31:in `nonblocking_getch'

I tested just typing Ctrl-C and got the same log output.  Any idea on how to make sup not crash on Ctrl-C?


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