[sup-talk] the contact list / automatic mapping of names to addresses

Jimmy Tang jtang at tchpc.tcd.ie
Sun Sep 23 06:04:08 EDT 2007

Hi All,

I've a question (well feature request), it may be a quirk or bug in
sup. I'll try and describe the problem as best I can.

We use a thing called "Request Tracker" here in work, what generally happens is

1. user sends an email to a mail alias/system address say for example
	info at my.domain.com

2. the user then gets an automated confirmation that the message is
logged in our system, and everyone in the info at my.domain.com group gets
a copy of the email, but it is no longer from the original user anymore,
now all the mails are "from" the tracking system

and all correspondence is handled via this ticketing system which uses 
message id's and magic words and addresses in the headers.

3. now when i load up sup, I think the first mail i read before the
people list is built, it grabs the name from it. Then all subsequent
mails i get (and also the archives) from the ticketing system has the
wrong names in the inbox mode and in the threaded mode when reading,
this gets a little confusing when reading these mails.

i'd assuming it would be difficult to map the correct names to the correct
mails in systems similar to the above? would it be possible to just
"turn off" this particular feature for a given set of email addresses?

or is this already fixed and known and i've just missed what I need to
do to work around it?


Jimmy Tang
Trinity Centre for High Performance Computing,
Lloyd Building, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2, Ireland.
http://www.tchpc.tcd.ie/ | http://www.tchpc.tcd.ie/~jtang

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