[sup-talk] new user of sup

Manish Sapariya manish at gslab.com
Wed Oct 31 13:08:10 EDT 2007

Hi All,
I have started using sup 2/3 days back and facing few
problems. They might be known issues or that I may not
be using the product right way, but would appreciate
any help understanding it.

- Currently I am using Thunderbird as my client and unless
I am very good at using sup, I will plan to use Thunderbird
primarily and sup for experiment purpose. Because of this
I configured sup to use the mbox files created by Thunderbird,
instead of reading the mailbox directly. Slow connection to
my mail server is another reason to do so. I cache all my mails
to local machine using TB. The reason for describing the usage
in bit detail is, may be this kind of usage are causing the
issues that I am facing.

 - I configured two sources, however sup only keeps the last
added source. I tried modifying sources.yaml, but it did not
help. I have my TB configured with various rules to move all
of my mails to different folders and I want to read all of
these mboxes into sup. Is this a known bug? If yes, is there
any workaround.

I am keeping away from using sup extensively because I can't
see all of my messages in different folders in sup.

- Can I use sup to cache my messages, so that I can do away
with Thunderbird?

Thanks and Regards,

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