[sup-talk] [PATCH] Added --search option to sup

Marcus Williams marcus-sup at bar-coded.net
Sat Nov 3 17:35:55 EDT 2007

On 3.11.2007, William Morgan wrote:
> Very nice. One of the items on the TODO for quite a while has been to
> add "notes" as a first-class object, which will be treated more or less
> as draft emails are now, except they'll have no from/to/cc/etc, only a
> body, and obviously can't be sent, just created, edited, and deleted.

Yeah, I noticed that on the todo list. That would be very nice -
something that has always bothered me about email is that I cant just
add notes to them (in most clients). And not having to actually send
myself a message to "add" a note would be less work! 

> Then all I have to do is add a web browser mode and a partial
> implementation of lisp and sup will be feature complete!

I've been trying to figure out if a web browser mode would be possible
in the current mode system. I couldnt figure out if the mode stuff was
reliant on ncurses or just happened to be modes that used ncurses.

> The problem is that inbox-mode per se has some special functionality
> that doesn't quite make sense unless it's applied to the search with
> "label:inbox". We could force that to be prepended to any search phrase
> passed in from the command line, I suppose.

To be honest I probably wouldnt use the --inbox flag that often, it
just struck me as nicer way to implement no having an inbox. I use the
search flag quite a lot though so good to see it got in :)


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