[sup-talk] sup-sync & missing message-ids

William Morgan wmorgan-sup at masanjin.net
Tue Jul 24 13:56:01 EDT 2007

Excerpts from Dan Sully's message of Mon Jul 23 10:48:09 -0700 2007:
> For whatever reason, there are messages in my Maildir that don't have
> message-ids in their headers. sup-sync bitches about that rather
> loudly..  would it be better to artificially construct a message-id?

If this really is a prevalent thing, then yes, I'm happy to fake a

> Also, in the playing well with others category - sup doesn't seem to
> handle the case where a message gets moved from Maildir/new/ to
> Maildir/cur/ if that folder is read via IMAP from another client.. is
> this fixable in sup, or part of the rubymail library?

This has nothing to do with RubyMail; Sup simply doesn't play well with
other clients. Part of the tradeoff I made with Sup was to assume by
default that the source never changes except through Sup. If that
assumption fails, Sup should detect it and ask you to run sup-sync
--changed, which should bring everything back in sync.

William <wmorgan-sup at masanjin.net>

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