[sup-devel] [PATCH] fix handling of multiple label: terms in search

Rich Lane rlane at club.cc.cmu.edu
Mon Jan 17 01:20:08 EST 2011

Excerpts from Sascha Silbe's message of Wed Sep 29 10:16:02 -0400 2010:
> By default Xapian will join query terms with the same prefix with OR instead
> of AND, so searching for multiple labels doesn't return the expected results.
> By making use of a parameter to add_boolean_prefix (added in Xapian 1.2) we
> can tell Xapian to use OR only for the search terms that are guaranteed to be
> unique.

Merged to master. This means we require Xapian 1.2.1 now. The
xapian-full gem has been updated to 1.2.3.

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