[sup-devel] GPGME fixes

Hamish D dmishd at gmail.com
Thu Feb 17 13:45:20 EST 2011

> While reimporting all my messages I encountered a few problemes with
> the GPGME code. Please consider the attached fixes.

0001-Encode-multipart-messages-for-crypt-operations.patch already
appears to be in master ...

I like the others though, though in applying them I ran into some
trouble, partly through my adding lines near the top of the file that
change line numbers and seemed to confuse git. So they are now applied
to a local copy, but in my name (but with your commit messages).

I imagine you would like them to be in your name, so I have not pushed
them yet. If anyone could tell me how I should be applying them
properly then I will do. And maybe it might be necessary to format the
patches with options that give more context.

I'm hoping someone with more git knowledge than me can help ...


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