[sup-devel] state of maildir-sync branch?

Damien Leone damien.leone at fensalir.fr
Tue Nov 16 09:30:14 EST 2010


I would say that the work is almost done, I still have things on my
todo list which are:

- Merge the replied/forwarded tag at the first synchronisation back to
  the IMAP so no information is lost

- There is still some work to do on the Polling#do_poll function
  because the way it is in the branch is too hackish

- Allow to move an email from a maildir to another

- Put a special flag or file for the first time you run sup with the
  branch so you get asked if you want to sync everything now

Beside that I have been running the branch for months without issue,
just a little bug that might be related to the point 2 of the list.

I often rebase the branch to master so it stays up to date, you can
find this on my repository [0] in the maildir-sync-master branch. The
damien branch is the same with extra patches I made months ago that
have not been reviewed.


[0] : http://git.fensalir.fr/?p=dleone/sup.git;a=summary

Excerpts from Ali Lown's message of lun. nov. 15 20:29:22 +0100 2010:
> What happened to this branch, because it hasn't been worked on since July, but doesn't appear to have been merged into master/next.
> Does anyone know what else needs to be done to get it suitable for merging (besides a git rebase)?

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