[sup-devel] now in next: fix-utf8, ferret-removal, and remote-source-deprecation

Michael Hamann michael at content-space.de
Sun Feb 28 16:58:25 EST 2010


thanks for your work, it seems I am able to send messages with UTF-8 subjects,
recipients, ...  again, but after pulling from next I first had to do the
following fixes in order to get sup working again (I don't know if there are
more, these are just the two ones that made sup unusable):

diff --git a/lib/sup/index.rb b/lib/sup/index.rb
index 548daf0..79bd1af 100644
--- a/lib/sup/index.rb
+++ b/lib/sup/index.rb
@@ -216,10 +216,10 @@ EOS
   ## Given an array of email addresses, return an array of Person objects that
   ## have sent mail to or received mail from any of the given addresses.
-  def load_contacts email_addresses, h={}
+  def load_contacts email_addresses, opts={}
     contacts = Set.new
     num = opts[:num] || 20
-    each_id_by_date :participants => emails do |id,b|
+    each_id_by_date :participants => email_addresses do |id,b|
       break if contacts.size >= num
       m = b.call
       ([m.from]+m.to+m.cc+m.bcc).compact.each { |p| contacts << [p.name, p.email] }
@@ -739,14 +739,14 @@ class Xapian::Document
   def index_text text, prefix, weight=1
     term_generator = Xapian::TermGenerator.new
-    term_generator.stemmer = Xapian::Stem.new(Redwood::XapianIndex::STEM_LANGUAGE)
+    term_generator.stemmer = Xapian::Stem.new(Redwood::Index::STEM_LANGUAGE)
     term_generator.document = self
     term_generator.index_text text, weight, prefix
   alias old_add_term add_term
   def add_term term
-    if term.length <= Redwood::XapianIndex::MAX_TERM_LENGTH
+    if term.length <= Redwood::Index::MAX_TERM_LENGTH
       old_add_term term, 0
       warn "dropping excessively long term #{term}"


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