[suby-talk] Truly Private Methods

Peter Vanbroekhoven calamitas at advalvas.be
Tue Aug 30 11:14:19 EDT 2005

On Tue, 30 Aug 2005, TRANS wrote:

> I'm inclined to agree. Presently one could grab a method (via
> instance_method or method) remove it and reuse it that way
> --essentially local methods. But more tricks.
> I think its pretty clear, real visibility needs to be addressed. I
> even think in the mean time we dump private/protected/public in Suby
> all together. What do you think of that?

I'm all for that. IMO private/protected/public is flawed and mostly 

> P.S. I wish I could help with this more, but at the mometn its a steep
> learning curve and I have alot going... but I was wondering how it
> looks for getting a version of Suby out? --like what we had before
> would do. I know you want to go back to working off the 1.8.x series,
> so I thought it best to wait for that transition before I startred
> doing anything on it.

I'll give it a go tomorrow. This evening, the paper should wriggle its way 
through some optic fiber cables and alike to Korea, and then I'll have 
some more time to work on Suby stuff. I'm also thinking of taking a small 
vacation some time soon, but I'm not sure when that will be exactly.


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