[battleship] tournament infrastructure feedback

Steve Iannopollo steve at iannopollo.com
Wed Dec 17 00:05:20 EST 2008

> What the battleship_tournament gem easily installed?

> Was it clear how to generate a player?

> Was the generated player easily modified?

> Was it easy to build and deploy your player as a ruby gem?
I ended up building a rake task that would build my player as a gem,  
uninstall the previous version of the gem, then install the new  
version of the gem.

> How did you like the submission process (rake submit)?
Very simple.

> Was it clear that you could submit multiple times?

> Do you have any suggestions for next time?
I wasn't able to get the locker room feature working properly (flog  
said it wasn't installed properly even though I could run it on the  
command line, it said I had test failures even though all my tests  
passed). The debug version of the battleship.lll didn't log anything  
helpful, so I wasn't able to figure out what the problem was. Better  
logging of errors would be helpful.

Can't wait for the next tournament!


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