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Bil.Kleb at nasa.gov Bil.Kleb at nasa.gov
Mon Mar 21 09:12:43 EST 2005

> On 20 Mar 2005, at 15:32, Bil.Kleb at nasa.gov wrote:
>> After restarting with the CVS changes as of Saturday,
>> I am getting links in the middle of words, i.e.,
> I'm an idiot!

You?  I'm the one that wrote "liz" is found in "capability". :)

> Fixed in cvs (and I created a test class before I tried to write the 
> fix, so my test-first journey is starting...)

Good news.

Remember with Test-First that you want to iterate back and
forth in only 1-5 line increments, i.e., don't write the
entire test class and then write the entire production

Bil Kleb

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