[Soks] non-greedy regexps in automatic summary

Tom Counsell tamc2 at cam.ac.uk
Sun Mar 13 05:40:03 EST 2005

Hello Bil

On 12 Mar 2005, at 21:37, Bil Kleb wrote:
> I am wondering about the purpose of the non-greedy
> regular expressions in the automatic summary, viz,
> 			if old_page.textile =~ 
> /(.*?<automaticsummary>).*?(<\/automaticsummary>.*)/mi
Hopefully this matches everything up to and including 
<automaticsummary> in one group, skips everything between the tags and 
then puts </automaticsummary> and beyond in a second group.  As you've 
presumably guessed, this hopefully allows any user head or tail edits 
to be retained.

> I am getting cases where folks are losing their
> head/tail area edits to existing summary pages.
> (The pages are getting reset to the bare blank
> header/tail summary page.)

This will happen if the automaticsummary tags are deleted or changed.

I hope it wouldn't happen for any other reason?  I will investigate and 
see if I've missed something.

If you could send me the head/tail edits that were made (should be 
visible in show all changes from the edit page) it might help me pin 
down the problem.

I'll also have a think about whether there is a more robust approach to 
restricting what the automatic summary overwrites.



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