[Soks] Q: how to I change the default "home page" for WEBrick?

Bil Kleb Bil.Kleb at nasa.gov
Thu Mar 10 09:11:52 EST 2005

Tom Counsell wrote:
> Hi Bil

Hello.  (That was my wife that said "hello" in the sandbox.
I enticed her to try out Wiki technology.)

> On 10 Mar 2005, at 11:20, Bil Kleb wrote:
>>  when "/"; redirect( response, "Home Page", 'view' ) # No page or verb 
>> given
> I guess this should be a user changeable setting, I will put it in the 
> $SETTINGS global.
> Not sure I understand the question?

Because I obviously didn't succeed in asking it.  ;)

Can the redirect for blank requests ("/") be updated
by AutomaticPageMover somehow?

For instance, the first thing our customer did was
rename "Home Page" to "ii Home Page" and so when
someone initially visits the default URL, e.g.,
http://localhost, they get a "page moved to ii Home Page"
instead of "ii Home Page" itself.

Bil Kleb

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