[Soks] unanticipated rollbacks

Bil Kleb Bil.Kleb at nasa.gov
Mon Mar 7 08:45:48 EST 2005

Tom Counsell wrote:
> Hi Bil


> B) The most recent edit didn't get written to disk before the Wiki is 
> shutdown.  This could happen if soks crashes or is shut down immediately 
> after the edit, but it again feels unlikely.

This sounds the most familiar.  (I typically restart via ctrl-c / start.rb.)
Is there a more humane way?

> This could be time for me to have a go at writing a set of unit tests to 
> make sure that all the file loading logic is correct.

No, no, no!  You're supposed to have written them
first/in-conjunction-with witting the loading logic!  ;)

This has reminded me of Beck's "When Should We Test?" draft
article that hides in the Extreme Programming mailing list
files area,


In it, he argues that you get the most value by writing a
test _just prior to_ implementation.

> If you get any 
> more information to allow me to reproduce the error, I would really 
> appreciate it.

Wilco.  Your detailed diagnostic checklist will help a great
deal if I notice this again.

Bil Kleb

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