[Shards-general] [PATCH 0/4] minor, small improvements

Daniel Berger djberg96 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 12:37:35 EDT 2011

> You call malloc(), but never return the actual free()-able pointer
> back.  I'm not sure how existing code uses it, but the following
> diff (along with using DL.free) makes it usable.
> The rb_sys_fail() path still makes it dangerous, though.

I've fixed that, thanks. If the pread function fails, I now free the
malloc'ed memory first before the rb_sys_fail call.

I'm wondering if there's a more elegant solution vs free'ing the
memory manually. Perhaps a custom close function? Or a finalizer?

BTW, I'm not sure about xmalloc. Is that going to work without the GNU
toolchain? If so I'm afraid I'll have to stick with the standard



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