[rubyosx-list] Ruby 1.9 and updated 1.8.6 packages (Leopard, Tiger, Panther)

Matthias Tarasiewicz m at parasew.com
Thu Mar 13 10:27:27 EDT 2008

hi list,
first of all - sorry for not posting to this list before. rubyforge  
mailing lists seem to have problems with google's gmail-smtp, so mails  
were not delivered.

we are about to prepare updated 1.8.6 packages, as well as ruby 1.9  
packages. the plan is as follows:

RubyOSX for Panther: 1.8.6 PPC only, 1.9 PPC only
RubyOSX for Tiger: 1.8.6 PPC/Intel UB, 1.9 PPC/Intel UB
RubyOSX for Leopard: 1.9 PPC/Intel UB

still there are some questions to discuss:

- do we need a 1.8.6 package for leopard or is apple's package  
complete/up to date enough?
- should we fix/include the mysql gem for ruby on leopard?
- should we think of including additional packages, such as memcache  
or are we complete enough?
- do we want to package different things into rubyosx 1.9?

furthermore we need support on compiling, testing, documentation and  
the website.

don't forget to spread the word!


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