[Rubyinstaller-devel] Best way of installing sqlite3-ruby gem?

Charles Roper reachme at charlesroper.co.uk
Sat May 30 09:11:14 EDT 2009

Charles Roper wrote:
  > I was having serious troubles running the rake commands. Turns out I
> needed to add the bin folder in GCC in the devkit to my path. I hadn't 
> already done this because I assumed that installing the devkit (and the 
> .bat files that come with it) in the Ruby folder would do this for me. 
> Obviously not.

Actually, looking at the file in C:\ruby\devkit\bin\gcc.bat I see that 
it should configure the paths on-the-fly, but clearly for me that wasn't 

Seems that Rake::ExtensionCompiler.mingw_gcc_executable is returning 
false. I had a quick look at that method and to my inexperienced eye, it 
looks like it is actively looking for *mingw*gcc{,.*} (i.e., 
mingw32-gcc.exe) in the path, which it obviously can't find.

I tried adding a mingw32-gcc.bat file (similar to the gcc file) to 
c:\ruby\bin but this made the dlltool method fail (it ends up trying to 
look for dlltool.exe in c:\ruby\bin).

Is there a way of specifying the location of mingw_gcc_executable 
without having to add it to my path? Or shall I just permanently add it 
to my path?


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