[Rubyinstaller-devel] [ANN] RDoc_CHM

Jon jon.forums at gmail.com
Mon Jul 27 09:23:42 EDT 2009

> I *would* like to add some extra content, though.
> Maybe an "about rubyinstaller" page or something, a links page would
> be nice, and possibly a license page.

How about an intro page that gives a quick blurb on what documentation is included, warnings that there may be missing doc info due to missing comments in the original source files, and some links to some useful documentation sites?  Even if these links duplicate the items installed in the Start menu by OCI, I think the duplication is OK.

Do you think there's a need for a license page specific to the documentation?

> I'd rather have some blank pages, and play it safe.

Is there any way to filter these out between the generation and compilation-into-a-CHM phases?  I'm for trashing the completely empty ones if it's possible without too much drama.

> I don't know, I kind of like this feature.  I also don't want to
> change the Darkfish template any more than I need to to make it work
> in a chm file.

Understood.  Any you're in the unenviable role of having to sort through both functional and stylistic feedback :(

Hey, one benefit to the red boxes is that they hilite where additional comments in the source could be useful :)

> ...because the MS HTML Help compiler chokes on the html output.

Maybe the compiler is only smart enough to understand the IE6 dialect of things?...cheap shot.


* Method signature formatting is mangled in cases of multiple aliases/usages.  For example, check out Kernel.open in which the signature info for the block and non-block version get's munged together instead of being broken up into two separate lines.

* I haven't found any docs for Digest::SHA1 and Digest::MD5.  It appears that Digest::Instance has some of the important class methods like 'digest' and 'hexdigest' documented, but where's the 'file' method?  I'm guessing you're handcuffed on this one as the problem is likely due to missing comments in the source rather than anything in rdoc/MS HTML Help compiler.

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