[Rubyinstaller-devel] "Gem List" wiki page feedback

Jon jon.forums at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 19:29:33 EDT 2009


(Luis...need you to start versioning DevKit for this to work...DevKit-3.4.5p1, DevKit-4.4.0p7, etc)

I really like your idea for this page.

Initially, I didn't care for it because I thought it could easily go the way of many other postings we've all seen...quickly becoming outdated and unmaintained that it becomes at best unhelpful, and at worst, just plain wrong.

That said, I've completely changed my mind and think the page is a key part of the documentation for the OCI.  And I think it adds value in combination with sites like isitruby19.com.

I've got some ideas that I think can make the page helpful and minimize the maintenance/freshness concerns as it's clear as to WHEN and IN WHAT CONFIGURATION things were tested.

Actually, it's a super simple idea...summarize the info in a table...something along the lines of:

Date    |    Gem     | Version |    OCI    | RubyGems | DevKit  |      OS        |Tester|Status|
7/21/09 | Amalgalite |  0.10.1 | 1.9.1p129 |  1.3.4   | 3.4.5p1 | WinXP Home SP3 | Jon  |  OK  |

I'm going to find some time the next couple days to quickly mock up the wiki page to see how it looks/works.  If it doesn't work, just revert out or mod :)



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