[Rubyinstaller-devel] build status updates?

Jon jon.forums at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 13:33:30 EDT 2009

> That's a good idea--you suggest to core that they implement some type
> of checking that reports back when the build breaks [or at least when
> tests break].
> If it reported all tests that break on mingw with each commit,
> why...nobody would ever want to commit again LOL.
> That really would be the perfect world, though--all the test-suite
> passes on every platform and breaking the build [even for windows] is
> considered a bad thing.

Yeh, it is a funny situation on many levels isn't it? ;)

While I'm not aiming for Build Nirvana For All Time, I am interested in finding ways to incrementally raise the visibility level of building from source on Windows systems, and specifically how it relates to rubyinstaller as the distribution platform.  

I'm remembering a rash of posts on ruby core in March from Charlie Savage trying to build using cl.

That said, none of these rambling should distract from pushing rubyinstaller out as quickly as makes sense, right?

To have any chance of being useful I think you'd have to make multiple "build levels" so people could pay attention only to what they're interested in.  For example, if you're a core committer and you are only mildly interested to see how the latest source is building with MinGW.

At least the following:

1) Core Stable - does the latest committed Ruby source build stable MinGW env used by rubyinstaller and devkit (e.g. - 3.4.5).  Goal is to make code induced build errors as early as possible in an automated fashion.

2) Core Twitchy - same as (1) except using "next" version of MinGW (e.g. - 4.4.0)

3) RubyInstaller Stable - similar to (1) but also adds in all the dependencies created by using rubyinstaller's recipes, etc.  Goal is to quickly see if you can build using the full rubyinstaller environment.  Ruby core folks would likely care less about this and the next level.

4) RubyInstaller Full - (3) with a check that the installer actually builds.

...and I can "subscribe" to whatever level I care to see...


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