[Rubyinstaller-devel] ri documentation included in final installer?

Jon jon.forums at gmail.com
Tue Jul 7 13:24:12 EDT 2009

> You could submit a patch to ri that makes it pluggable... :)

Well...I can't imagine any interest in a hacky patch for something that may not be as helpful as it once was ;)

> > Anyhow, good point that you raised, and I'm willing to go any route
> > that ends being a win/win situation:
> I think the only win win is to have it optionally install them, and by
> default *not* install them.  That or release two installers, one
> large, one small.

My vote is for the two installers route.  If someone really wants full local docs they download the "rubyinstaller-1.9.1p129-fulldocs.exe" and they get a fast, searchable CHM.

They know about the two options up front, they're not surpised, and they don't feel the need to file a bug against the installer.

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