[Rubyinstaller-devel] ri documentation included in final installer?

Roger Pack rogerdpack at gmail.com
Tue Jul 7 09:02:48 EDT 2009

>> For example, I get these unhelpful results...

Yeah I hate running ri File and getting back a single method from the
FileUtils class [which has happened before].  I think that was caused
by a buggy old RI version though.

>> Maybe there's a clever way to hook ri so that you could wrap a custom header/footer message around whatever ri wants to return and alert the user to check out the CHM that contains the docs on core and std lib?

You could submit a patch to ri that makes it pluggable... :)

> Well, what about a faster ri version that do not fill the filesystem
> with so many files? I found "ri" so slow, and decided not to use.

Yeah I think it still has the many file aspect, but I believe it's
faster now [only a few seconds, not like 10].

> Also, personally disabled RDoc generation on gem installation:

Me too--takes forever, and the docs are already online anyway.

> Anyhow, good point that you raised, and I'm willing to go any route
> that ends being a win/win situation:

I think the only win win is to have it optionally install them, and by
default *not* install them.  That or release two installers, one
large, one small.

Speaking of which, I do miss the old sciTe that came with the old OCI.
 Maybe we could make it into a separate distributable?  I like the new
links to web pages [much better].  They're also better than
distributing it with a ruby book in CHM, I think.  But <sniff> miss


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