[Rubyinstaller-devel] gcc 4.4.0

Roger Pack rogerdpack at gmail.com
Wed Jul 1 19:27:56 EDT 2009

>  Qt comes to mind as an extreme example that might fail, they seem to
>  distribute mingw compiled libs and it is a beast of a project to
>  compile.. But rubyqt might be fine to distribute custom-compiled lib?

Yeah true that binary distributables that include a dll might be out
of luck.  The first one that comes to mind being msvcrt.dll, but I
think we almost never need to propagate exceptions out of it, so that
might be ok.

>  Would it be indicated in RUBY_PLATFORM on which gcc it was compiled?

Nope, not unless we add it like RUBY_COMPILED_BY or something.

I guess the good news is we can use 4.4 SLJL interchangeably with
3.4.5 SLJL...I think, so you can use "4.4" with a ruby built via
3.4.5, though not with dwarf2...as easily.

>  Personally I would prefer using 4.4 from the start, so everyone would
>  be on the same decade on the compilers, but that would be another
>  round of testing, worrying and delaying, on rubyinstaller and
>  devkit. And the gcc 4.4 release is *very* fresh itself.

Yeah no joke a month old--they might still be finding some bugs in that one :)

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