[Rubyinstaller-devel] [Rubyinstaller-users] Installer for ruby1.8.7 - any chance?

Luis Lavena luislavena at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 20:23:04 EST 2009

2009/1/14 Radosław Bułat <radek.bulat at gmail.com>:
> Hello.

Hello there!

> Any chance that there will be available Ruby OneClickInstaller for
> 1.8.7? I would be happy with that.

Don't want to disappoint you but no.

Please let me explain the point.

Current One-Click Ruby Installer (OCI) is bundle of several parts to
make Ruby work out of the box in Windows.

Those parts (or components) are around 35 ranging from C extensions
that need to be compiled to bundled Gems.

All these moving parts needs to be manually tested, which on every
release take me around 10 hours of work. Even after, new things show

Some of these components hasn't been updated since 1.8.4 or even
before, yet still are keep for compatibility between previous

1.8.7 bring several modifications from 1.9 branch, which are not
compatible with the code of gems, libraries and even C extensions.

This has produced difficult times to developers of projects like
wxRuby, RMagick and others, since lot of users started to complain of
such incompatibilities when using their libraries.

I personally had really bad experience using it for my projects and
reverted back to the safe 1.8.6

As you can imagine, these points are just the tip of the iceberg in
relation to 1.8.7

Now, what will happen, you may ask?

I've been working, in help with other developers in move OCI from
Visual C compiler to MinGW. There are plenty of good reasons for the
move which I've commented several times in my blog[1] and mailing
lists around the tubes.

Our main target versions of Ruby are 1.8.6 and 1.9.1, since most of
the gems developers are updating their gems to take advantage of 1.9
functions at the time they add guards around "1.8.x" code.

Even gem developers ignore 1.8.7 for the above mentioned incompatibilities.

As a closing, contrary to official Ruby site considering 1.8.7 latest
stable, the development community differs.

I hope this shed some light in the 1.8.7 One-Click Ruby Installer topic.

If you have any particular reasons for 1.8.7 that I'm ignoring, please
share with us and let's workout a way that we can help you out.


[1] http://blog.mmediasys.com
Luis Lavena
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