[Rubyinstaller-devel] [ANN] release: a "which" command written in ruby--very useful for windows users at least

Roger Pack rogerdpack at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 13:10:21 EDT 2009

Announcing the release of "ruby which"[1]

Ruby-which is the linux "which" command re-written in ruby [and

-- An executable locator (which command) for windows that actually works!

There seems to be a lack of a "which" command for windows that
actually work--they sometimes skip batch files entirely [batch file?
what's that?] or don't list extensions, leaving you in doubt.  Despite
running "which yyy" you never know what you're really running when you
next run yyy in the command line--is it yyy.exe or some other yyy.bat
that wasn't reported by "which"?

Try it--you might really like it.

To install:

   C:\>gem install rogerdpack-whichr

   C:\>whichr executable_name_here [extension can be included, but is optional]


   C:\>whichr ruby
   higher in the list will be executed first

Feedback welcome rogerdpack on github/gmail
[1] not to be confused with this

Also Related: http://github.com/Pistos/ruby-which -- this library
discovers the location of installed ruby libraries, i.e. which gem
folder they're in
"C:\>rwhich ruby-which


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