[Rubyinstaller-devel] rubyinstaller.org placeholder page needs feedback

Jon jon.forums at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 21:51:44 EDT 2009

> On 11/08/2009 21:56, Luis Lavena wrote:
> > Yes, divs inside links are invalid.
> Interestingly enough, this is actually valid in HTML 5. Sounds like it 
> could suffer from some browser rendering weirdness, though. Details here:
> http://meyerweb.com/eric/thoughts/2009/01/02/an-event-apart-and-html-5/

The W3C Validator Wizard wants to ban the page for the ugly divs-inside-links heresy :)


These HTML/CSS buttons are no more than a short-term hack to help get us a quick, usable, and decent looking placeholder page while Pavel develops the really cool site.  I plan to back fill them with Pavel's real buttons when they're available.

As ugly and as uncompliant as they are, while I'm not tied to them in any way, if they work across our browsers of interest, let's keep them and move on to completing the other tasks on the TODO list.


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