[Rubyinstaller-devel] Making it Easy To Contribute

Charles Roper reachme at charlesroper.co.uk
Tue Aug 11 15:28:41 EDT 2009

On 12/08/2009 04:42, Jon wrote:
> It's so easy to sign in, click on "My Groups", see a summary of the new items with a link to the web interface for the group.  I can also go to "Manage my memberships" and change a few things with the most important being simply selecting via a dropdown on how I get notified via email or unsubscribe.

This sums it up for me. I'm currently a member of over 25 groups 
(manager of one of them). I have individual email delivered for only 
very few of them, digests for others, and web-interface only for the 
majority because I participate in them only very infrequently. Tracking 
all of these groups individually would be incredibly inconvenient.

Plus there are extra features, such as file upload, wiki pages and 
archives that are so much more sane than the Mailman default.

Regarding requiring a Google Account, you can use any email address when 
you sign up. Here's a screenshot I took after clicking the "Create an 
account" link on the http://groups.google.com page:



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