[Rubyinstaller-devel] Making it Easy To Contribute

Jon jon.forums at gmail.com
Mon Aug 10 09:55:44 EDT 2009

> > RubyInstaller it is, no need for an aditional dev list.
> >
> > For the time being I'm keeping both -users, -dev and groups active,
> > but sooner than later we would have to decide and disable the others.
> >
> I've looked into turning off the rubyforge mailing lists.  We can mark
> them private for a while, and no new folks will be able to sign up for
> them.  We can send emails out to those lists saying to switch to
> google groups for a month or so, then delete them.

+1 for your private transition plan.

How will archived ML traffic be handled?  FWIW, I just did a very quick search at Nabble and Gmane and didn't find any of our lists.  Is there really anything in the archives we need to be concerned with?

Luis...when would you like us to start using the google groups for our dev discussions rather than this list?  Now? :)


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