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Luis Lavena luislavena at gmail.com
Tue Aug 4 22:12:16 EDT 2009

On Tue, Aug 4, 2009 at 12:36 PM, Jon<jon.forums at gmail.com> wrote:
>> As the TODO list stands today:
>> http://gist.github.com/151832
> [...]
> One note, please ensure you break down the tasks into relevant "micro-tasks" so that someone who has about ~1hr or so to contribute can help without needing too take on too big of a bite-o-work.

I thought I did slice those to small pieces. For example, testing the
installers could be considered a micro-task.

Adding the History file to the installer, while it requires some
InnoSetup knowledge, should be pretty straight forward (using
InnoSetup and ISTool as GUI editing tool.

> With Gordon's work I'm now for *completely* omitting the RI files combined with the following:
> 1) [MUST HAVE] notification in the install process that RI information is contained in the CHM files.  Make sure this notification is also prominent in any README installed.

That is then candidate for a better README.txt, adding that to the
TODO. The README content will be added to the installer and a shortcut
will be displayed in the Start Menu.

> 2) [NICE TO HAVE] quick hook in ri command to print out a header that reminds a user to check the CHM files.  This would be a Monkey Patch specific to OCI I know, but is useful for the case in which RI info is generated for installed RubyGems.

Unless someone patch and stub ri command, I believe that is not going
to happen right now, Adding this to the TODO for volunteers to take

> We need to get closure on this one and move on.  I'm strongly advocating *not* including the RI info.  If we find out later this was a stoopid decision that causes a lot of problem tickets, we can revisit.

Me too.

So: no separate installers for the CHM, those will be bundled in the installer.

Gordon: would you mind send me a pull request when your fork is
acceptable to integrate the CHM into the installer?

> ===============================
> 1) what additional documentation, if any, should be installed as part of the documentation installer.
> My personal vote is just for as it appears to be more maintained:
> The Book of Ruby, 2.9MB:
> http://www.sapphiresteel.com/The-Book-Of-Ruby

We need to request permission for doing it, added to the TODO list and
assigned to you.

> 2) What are the final links to be created by the installer?  For example...
> http://allgems.ruby-forum.com/
> others?

Right now, you can find that here:


All those point to ruby-doc, since current installer used as
reference. There is one 1.8 and 1.9 specific, which is Core API, that
can be found inside config-1.8 and config-1.9

Anyone thinking on better links? Send your requests. Even better: open
a ticket on GitHub issues, then we are going to vote which is going to
be better for it.

That's all for now I believe.

Luis Lavena
Perfection in design is achieved not when there is nothing more to add,
but rather when there is nothing more to take away.
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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