[Rubyinstaller-devel] Making it Easy To Contribute

Jon jon.forums at gmail.com
Tue Aug 4 17:07:41 EDT 2009

So what *specifically* do we need to do to make it easier to contribute and provide feedback?  What are the easiest things we can start doing right now with the folks we have?

The two biggies for me:

1) Unify the multiple wiki's, trackers, mailing lists, etc.  We need to decide whether we're going to use RubyForge or GitHub.  We need a single place for people to go.  Madness and confusion lies down the path of using both of them at the same time.

That said, the discussion also needs to address how "unification" fits in with the final Radiant-based project website.  Does the Radiant CMS allow us to put a facade over either RubyForge or GitHub and tie things together seamlesssly?  Or does Radiant try to duplicate certain features and we need to decide what to enable/disable when integrating.
One of the hard questions we need about the RubyForge content is, "Do we really even need the site too stay live?  Is the content so outdated that it is both unhelpful and dangerously incorrect?"

2) Ensure our mindset is one of enabling "micro contributions" from people.

This means that (a) we have a very visible project TODO page on the wiki, and (b) the TODO list contains tasks grouped by expected implementation difficulty and importance.  This allows people to have better expectations of what they're getting into.

For example, for the documentation and installer tasks on http://gist.github.com/151832.  Both need to be broken down a bit more if possible to show "micro tasks" that folks can help Luis and Gordon out with.

And the balance is that I don't think we want to make the TODO list too overwhelming to maintain or understand.  We can certainly go over the top, but...

Maybe something along the lines of:

Critical Project Tasks

  Difficult to Implement

  Moderately Difficult to Implement

  Easy to Implement

Important, but Not Critical Project Tasks

  (same categories as above)

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