[Rubyinstaller-devel] 1.9.1 FFI Gem

Jon jon.forums at gmail.com
Tue Aug 4 14:35:27 EDT 2009

> C:/Ruby/devkit/gcc/3.4.5/bin/../lib/gcc/mingw32/3.4.5/../../../../include/unistd.h:43:
> > error: previous definition of 'ftruncate' was here
> make: *** [Invoker.o] Error 1
> Apparently Ruby 1.9.1 redefines ftruncate in win32.h:341 which conflicts
> with mingw32.  I can get the gem to compile by wrapping line 341 in win32.h
> with the following:
> #if !defined __MINGW32__
> extern int       ftruncate(int fd, off_t length);
> #endif
> I post this here in the hopes that it will be useful to someone else but I'd
> also like to try something new.  I'd like to try and give back to Ruby.  I'm
> not really sure how to proceed.  Any tips from those who have contributed
> patches to Ruby? 


Hi and thanks for the feedback.  It looks similiar to the one I had on my WinXP machine and posted to the ruby-ffi site.


>From Wayne's response it appears he made a change and pushed to their Mercurial repo.  I haven't had a chance to get back to it myself, but maybe you've got time to give them some feedback?

On a different note, if you've had some good results using the DevKit with other native gems, it would be great if you could add to:



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