[Rubyinstaller-devel] Heads up for preview2

Jon jon.forums at gmail.com
Tue Aug 4 11:36:49 EDT 2009

> I was working over the weekend on getting updated installers which
> solved several issues reported at RubyForge and GitHub issues:
> http://github.com/oneclick/rubyinstaller/blob/master/History.txt


> As the TODO list stands today:
> http://gist.github.com/151832

Thanks for keeping it updated.  It allows us to keep up to date and chime in when we have some time and ask you what specifically needs done for items on the list.

One note, please ensure you break down the tasks into relevant "micro-tasks" so that someone who has about ~1hr or so to contribute can help without needing too take on too big of a bite-o-work.

This is one of the themes I think is so important for projects....courting the "micro-contributor" who wants to help out but only has limited amounts of time.  We need to make it easy for people to come and go while still adding value.  More on this later...

> Now, we need to determine the steps for the documentation.
> >From the last things that we discussed, Gordon's work is going to
> provide a suitable CHM file for us to rejoice.
> We still want RI docs? Perhaps we can add some note to the installer?
> I'm with the idea of promoting it, but if RI is a must, want to hear
> what you guys think (last time, I promise).

With Gordon's work I'm now for *completely* omitting the RI files combined with the following:

1) [MUST HAVE] notification in the install process that RI information is contained in the CHM files.  Make sure this notification is also prominent in any README installed.

2) [NICE TO HAVE] quick hook in ri command to print out a header that reminds a user to check the CHM files.  This would be a Monkey Patch specific to OCI I know, but is useful for the case in which RI info is generated for installed RubyGems.

We need to get closure on this one and move on.  I'm strongly advocating *not* including the RI info.  If we find out later this was a stoopid decision that causes a lot of problem tickets, we can revisit.

Chime in now....

1) what additional documentation, if any, should be installed as part of the documentation installer.

My personal vote is just for as it appears to be more maintained:

The Book of Ruby, 2.9MB:

2) What are the final links to be created by the installer?  For example...


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