[Rubyinstaller-devel] Is the work done here not being exposed properly?

Jon jon.forums at gmail.com
Tue Aug 4 11:02:01 EDT 2009

> Oh, you mean the "Coming soon"... took me a lot to put that file online! ;-)
> What if we just put a simple page with the info and concentrate the
> links until the site is done? I can get the Radiant and the DB put in
> place tonight.

How about we keep the Radiant and DB efforts kept to an alpha web site until it's closer to being ready.  Keep the Radiant effort focused on being the "real" site and don't try to have it perform two different roles.

In the short term, let's put up a simple static page for http://rubyinstaller.org/ and http://rubyinstaller.org/downloads/ with a couple of links back to GitHub.

As many have mentioned, we can then redirect the appropriate rubyforge pages to rubyinstaller/github pages.  This will be the 1st phase of the new site.  It won't be the final of course, but I think it will great for the short term and begin to get people used to where the new info will be.

If you'll contact me offline and tell me how/where it's hosted I'll do the work to create the simple static pages based upon Pavel's first rough draft.

Taking a look at his work, I think it's fairly straightforward to whip up a static HTML, CSS w/Blueprint, PNG images, and a few links that will look cool.  I'll tweak his existing graphics and when he's back online, he and I can coordinate to ensure quick placeholder page is consistent with what he's doing for the main Radiant site.  I'll also begin color coordinating the GitHub pages with his color scheme in order to make things mesh together a little better.


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