[Rubyinstaller-devel] [RBS] Re: Next steps

Roger Pack rogerdpack at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 08:55:11 EDT 2009

Sure I'll forward it on.

Ed would like to make us aware that he is "going to be benchmarking
the mingw version of ruby soon, in case we have any feedback for him
before he does."

His note is at the bottom of this message from the RBS mailing list.

On Sat, Apr 11, 2009 at 11:47 PM, M. Edward (Ed) Borasky
<zznmeb at gmail.com> wrote:
> Well ... I still don't know why the Cygwin "git clone" didn't work,
> but the MSYS / git "git clone" worked fine. So:
> 1. Check out the repository "somehow". :)
> 2. Install "rubygems". I didn't check Cygwin to see if it was already
> there. "rake" wasn't there, so I assumed I'd need to install
> "rubygems" as well.
> 3. Type "gem install rake".
> 4. "cd" into the "ruby-benchmark-suite" and type "rake bench". Wait.
> Collect the output.
> I am currently at "wait". This is a 2.1 GHz Turion64 X2 (dual core
> 64-bit) running Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit. It has 4 GB of RAM.
> As I noted earlier, it looks like Ruby was compiled i386.
> I agree with Monty -- Cygwin is a pain. While it does have some nice
> Linux-like goodies, including X Windows, it does sneaky things to the
> NTFS permission bits and isn't really a substitute for dual booting
> with a real Linux distro.
> I also have the "old" One-Click Ruby Installer on this machine.
> Building the "new" One-Click Ruby Installer requires "a Ruby
> interpreter", and the old One-Click will meet that. So I can benchmark
> that as well before attempting a build of the new one.
> Is Luis or someone from the One-Click Installer project on this list?
> If not, we should probably let them know what we (I) are (am) doing,
> so they won't be too surprised by any "results".
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