[Rubyinstaller-devel] Update One-Click based on VC6 under works

Allen Hewes allen at decisiv.net
Thu Sep 11 14:57:22 EDT 2008

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> Hello Everybody,
> It appears that the plan of releasing the MinGW version to replace the
> VC6 build one is taking longer than expected.

Hi Luis,

I can offer some help with this. I use VC6 to build Ruby for my company
(for use on XP and Vista), so I have some experience with this.

I have noticed that recent 1.8.6 p-series Ruby(s) didn't pass the built
in tests... So I haven't upgraded past 1.8.6-p114 (which does past all
the built in tests). I do have them compiled though. I had similar
issues with 1.8.7.

I also spent some time getting some of the more obscure addins working
with Windows Ruby. Things like gdbm, libiconv, pdcurses, readline,
ActiveState tcl/tk and a more up to date OpenSSL Ruby module.

If you don't mind working with a VB6 hack, I'd like to help. My Ruby is
limited, I'm a beginner. I am sure I am not up to your level, but if you
get me pointed in the right direction....

P5Boy at AIM

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