[Rubyinstaller-devel] Fwd: [Rev-talk] latest on windows mingw...

Luis Lavena luislavena at gmail.com
Sat Nov 8 09:43:33 EST 2008

On Sat, Nov 8, 2008 at 4:19 AM, Roger Pack <rogerpack2005 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Anybody run into similar errors to these before? (these while building
> rev on mingw)
> gcc -shared -s -o rev_ext.so rev_buffer.o rev_ext.o rev_io_watcher.o
> rev_loop.o rev_ssl.o rev_timer_watcher.o rev_utils.o rev_watcher.o -L.
> -Lc:/Ruby18/lib -L.
> -Wl,--enable-auto-image-base,--enable-auto-import,--export-all
> -lmsvcrt-ruby18  -lshell32 -lws2_32   -lssl -lcrypto
> rev_ssl.o: In function `Rev_SSL_IO_ssl_setup':
> c:/dev/downloads/rev_clone/ext/rev/rev_ssl.c:130: undefined reference
> to `ossl_ssl_ex_ptr_idx'
> c:/dev/downloads/rev_clone/ext/rev/rev_ssl.c:132: undefined reference
> to `ossl_ssl_ex_vcb_idx'
> c:/dev/downloads/rev_clone/ext/rev/rev_ssl.c:134: undefined reference
> to `ossl_ssl_ex_client_cert_cb_idx'
> c:/dev/downloads/rev_clone/ext/rev/rev_ssl.c:136: undefined reference
> to `ossl_ssl_ex_tmp_dh_callback_idx'
> c:/dev/downloads/rev_clone/ext/rev/rev_ssl.c:121: undefined reference
> to `ossl_raise'
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Maybe the OpenSSL version used by RubyInstaller is not the same one
expected by Rev?

> Also...this is what I currently get with "rake test"...
> 1607 tests, 15690 assertions, 8 failures, 50 errors

That's rubyinstaller tests? so we have now 8 failures... was 5 last time.

> I suppose that the glimmer of good news is that mingw passes all the
> tests for 1.9 :)


> Thanks for your help.
> I would fork and do pull requests but have yet to figure out how to
> get mingw git to use private keys...

msysgit + pageant for your keys and ensure GIT_SSH is set and point to
the full path of plink.exe (e.g. C:\Program Files\PuTTY\plink.exe)

or you can generate a pair of keys with ssh-keygen inside the bash
environment of msysGit and use ssh.

Luis Lavena
Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from
the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent
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