[Rubyinstaller-devel] Fwd: [Rev-talk] latest on windows mingw...

Roger Pack rogerpack2005 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 8 02:19:35 EST 2008

Anybody run into similar errors to these before? (these while building
rev on mingw)

gcc -shared -s -o rev_ext.so rev_buffer.o rev_ext.o rev_io_watcher.o
rev_loop.o rev_ssl.o rev_timer_watcher.o rev_utils.o rev_watcher.o -L.
-Lc:/Ruby18/lib -L.
-lmsvcrt-ruby18  -lshell32 -lws2_32   -lssl -lcrypto
rev_ssl.o: In function `Rev_SSL_IO_ssl_setup':
c:/dev/downloads/rev_clone/ext/rev/rev_ssl.c:130: undefined reference
to `ossl_ssl_ex_ptr_idx'
c:/dev/downloads/rev_clone/ext/rev/rev_ssl.c:132: undefined reference
to `ossl_ssl_ex_vcb_idx'
c:/dev/downloads/rev_clone/ext/rev/rev_ssl.c:134: undefined reference
to `ossl_ssl_ex_client_cert_cb_idx'
c:/dev/downloads/rev_clone/ext/rev/rev_ssl.c:136: undefined reference
to `ossl_ssl_ex_tmp_dh_callback_idx'
c:/dev/downloads/rev_clone/ext/rev/rev_ssl.c:121: undefined reference
to `ossl_raise'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Also...this is what I currently get with "rake test"...

1607 tests, 15690 assertions, 8 failures, 50 errors

I suppose that the glimmer of good news is that mingw passes all the
tests for 1.9 :)

Thanks for your help.
I would fork and do pull requests but have yet to figure out how to
get mingw git to use private keys...


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